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Improve customer loyalty by training that will impact service performance and exceed customer expectations.

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The Female Client

Learn the preference, priorities, attitudes, and patterns of women in their purchasing decisions.


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Ten Workplace Trends Shaping the Future

The notion of work is changing in America. The idea of “going to work” and being “in the office” are being redefined in the workplace for 2015. Here are some of our top choices for changes happening around us that will have long-term implications for training and development in the workforce. 1.  One in three U.S. […]

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The Top Five Sales Issues To Correct in 2016

The top five sales issues for 2016 are probably the same issues for   2015 and many years before. Why do organizations continue to struggle with these same challenges, year after year? It’s not for lack of activity. Training is regularly implemented, new sales techniques are tried out, and a host of new buzzwords and philosophies […]

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What Your Social Sharing Says About Your Behavior Style

The ubiquitous BuzzFeed quizzes. If you’ve ever spent any time on a social media site, then you’ve probably seen them. Are you more a Marcia or a Jan? Are you more Batman or Superman? What does your favorite breakfast food say about you? While we can’t tell you what kind of a mythical creature you are, […]

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Encouragement by a Professional!

In my  file cabinet, I have a folder that contains numerous letters from clients, friends, readers, training and audience members.  Most letters are on company letterhead but two favorites are hand-written – one by CEO & Founder of an $ 100 Million company & another by a customer service representative.  Encouragement cost little, but is […]

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Integrity on the Street

This article was originally published in January 2010 and is being reprinted due to popularity and the fact that integrity never goes out of style.                                                             […]

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Call Me, Maybe?

    Are you one of those people that go to networking meetings and walk away with a handful of business cards and the cards end up in a pile?  We all have great intentions but, truthfully, which of the following most adequately describes you?   You put the cards in a pile on your […]

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Seeing the Potential in Others

Last year, a young man named Vontaze Burfict was struggling to be noticed and recruited by one of the 32 professional football teams.   His disastrous NFL tryouts were not impressive as he was slow, overweight and difficult.  After a mediocre 40-yard dash, he refused to even try again.   Burfict, with awards for All-American defensive […]

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Lessons in Being a Sales Champion

Dancing with the Stars has a new twist this season – they are bringing back celebrities for a new all-star competition.  High expectations rule because many are past winners of the mirrored disco ball.   These competitors are professional football players, Olympians, members of rock bands, reality stars, actors and even a race car driver.   […]

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I Don’t Want to Do THAT!

When I was in school, I struggled.  For every test, I spent hours re-reading book chapters, writing notes on what the teacher said in class, reciting the notes out loud and becoming stressed when I could not remember what I learned the day before.  I would look around the room to see if anyone else was puzzled before I […]

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Traits of Highly Successful Sales People

Many factors contribute to success such as product knowledge, sales know-how and communication skills but these are all external skills.  The Integrity Selling philosophy believes that internal beliefs and attitudes have a greater impact on sales success than other external skills alone.  There are four traits that have been determined by years of study and I will […]

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